How to Access Meeseva App?

In order to avail Meeseva App services, initially an individual need to register himself or herself. To onset the use of Meeseva services, registered user needs to log-in with his/her Mobile Number and mPIN.

Meeseva App offers access to Government services via mobile phones to almost all smart phone users. The services on Meeseva App are made available 24*7. Thus, individuals can get access to the services from anywhere, instead of visiting government officers or rushing to internet portals.

Who can access?

Meeseva App services are made accessible to general public, government and private sectors. Quality of services are enhanced by maintaining transparency between government and citizens.

At Meeseva service centers, people have to form a queue for paying bills. Same story is repeated for any certificate issuance as well. Now, with the launch of Meeseva App, individuals can pay utility bills using their phone any time and can also lodge application for any certificate anytime from anywhere by themselves. This process saves time and reduces long delays.

Meeseva App has a secured payment process to perform all monetary transactions which acts as a communication layer bringing citizens and government closer to each other every day.