Meeseva Services

With an intention to simplify and expedite the access of both government and private services to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh, Raminfo has developed MeeSeva application. Recently, the Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Garu has launched a MeeSeva app.

Using MeeSeva application, citizens of Andhra Pradesh can get access to the following services.


Meeseva is an amazing governance proposal that offers a wide range of G2C (Government to citizens) and G2B (Government to Business) services with improved efficiency, scalability, accountability and transparency. At Meeseva, services related to various departments such as UIDAI, Revenue, Municipal administration, police, RTA, education, Mines and Geology, Agriculture, EPDCL, Aarogyasri and many more are catered. Now, one can avail these services, right at their fingertips through the MeeSeva app.


The term utilities refer to the set of services offered by the electricity, water, natural gas and sewage organizations and consumed by the public. Utilities play a vital role, in every individual’s day to day life, as they are the basic needs. At MeeSeva, citizens can pay utility bills swiftly, easily and securely.

Through MeeSeva application, users can pay bills for the below utility services.

  • Electricity bill
  • Water Bill
  • Property Tax
  • Idea Bill Payment
  • Airtel Bill payment
  • BSNL Postpaid payment

User needs to follow the below steps in order to make their utility bill payments via MeeSeva app.

Step 1: Initially register with MeeSeva app
Step 2: Login to MeeSeva App using the registered mobile number and mPIN
Step 3: Select the service and enter the mandatory details
Step 4: Confirm payment
Step 5: Success payment message will be sent to the customer via message
Step 6: Receipt in PDF form will be generate and saved in the handset or mobile


Under Municipal category, MeeSeva offers birth certificate and death certificates.

Now-a-days still in few areas a number of people are facing the complexities in obtaining birth and death certificates. Thus, to facilitate and accelerate the process of attaining certificates, MeeSeva application has been launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh.


The World Wide Web has reformed the face of almost everything, including travelling and entertaining aspects. Most of the people prefer to book their tickets in advance in order to avoid last minute rush. By using MeeSeva, registered customers can book their travel or movie tickets online.

Booking flight, train or bus tickets have been made easier and much more user-friendly through MeeSeva. Moreover, it is not just the booking that made easy, even one can become aware of fares and available slashed down rates in the name of some attractive offers and deals.

Individuals can also purchase movie tickets through MeeSeva right from home or office. No more purchasing in black! Individuals now no need to wait at the counters in the queues at the last moment for the tickets. Additionally, the ease of planning and a tension free visit to the theatre to relax is a boon. Booking tickets through MeeSeva in advance gets you deals at unbelievable prices.

For purchasing either bus tickets, train tickets, flight tickets or movie tickets just log-on to the MeeSeva application on your mobile.


MeeSeva application is a reliable platform for all jobseekers, who are looking to land in their dream job. In collaboration with Namasthe Media Pvt Ltd, RAMINFO is offering employment services to citizens through MeeSeva app. The partnership between RAMINFO and Namasthe Media Pvt Ltd, caters excellent B2C services and government job alerts to the citizens or job seekers.

Namasthe Media Pvt Ltd is a media, data and information services provider firm with over 9 years of experience focused on Technology, Government, knowledge and information services. It provides all the recent government job alerts to the citizens based on their registered profile.

Using employment service on the MeeSeva app, jobseekers can easily get the desired job apt for their career.


MeeSeva also provides, taxation services, which means that he or she can file and submit e-returns using this app.


People are opting to choose simpler and swifter ways to carry out the activities, even for Challan payment. Certain areas, are now automated and now, a Challan ticket that an individual gets while breaking the traffic rules and regulations can be paid through online as well using MeeSeva. This proposal would definitely assist police to attain good fame and people will also follow the traffic rules without fail.