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Partnering with Meeseva App brings compelling sales to all sizes of businesses as well as retailers. We are e-Governance company delivering Citizen Services to various states in India. At Raminfo, we serve nearly 60 to 65 lacs citizens on monthly basis. We are dynamically working with Telcos, Banks, eComm companies to deliver their services to citizens. Moreover, we have been in existence for over 20 years and we are BSE listed company.

As Meeseva App offers a gamut of amazing B to C and G to C services on the mobile, tens of thousands of individuals have already downloaded and started using this app on their smart phones.

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By partnering with Meeseva App your business or organization can reap the connections with large number of people, which in turn boosts your business prospects.We bring-in businesses or retailers closer to their customers and enable businesses to put-forward their own offers to enhance customer contacts and augment their business, resulting in better revenue.

RAMINFO associates the businesses or retailers with customer. Right now, we are in partnership with many businesses and retailers. And, few businesses are already approached us for partnership.

Let us know if you are interested in collaborating with us, where we deliver services in nearly 200 outlets during the initial stage and based on the response, we will rollout in 2000+ outlets which are associated with us.

Alone we do so little; together we do so much! So, join and grow with us.

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