Terms & Conditions

Meeseva App is an application developed by Raminfo and launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh as a first step towards the vision of Digital Andhra Pradesh. The services offered over Meeseva App are mostly government services. This application is developed to facilitate the bill payment and ticket booking and other activities for the citizens.

We request the customers to read the terms and conditions before downloading, installing, enrolling, accessing this app and using this site. By registering or using this service, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions, including future modifications. Terms and conditions are subjected to change. Thus it’s your liability to visit the Meeseva App Website or check with the Meeseva App business partner channel via which you are availing the Service to review the present fees from time to time and act accordingly.

In order to use Meeseva App, you need to have internet or World Wide Web access or Mobile data or Wifi.

Meeseva App or the Meeseva App business partner reserves the privilege to charge & recover from the User in the form of fees for using the Services. The reforms or modifications done to the application or the new terms and conditions shall come in force, from the time they are published or posted on to the Meeseva App site or over the Meeseva App business partner channel via which you are availing the Service.

Meeseva App offers a convenient and secured bill payment ways towards identified Biller(s) using a legal Payment Account.

Based on the Meeseva App business partner through whom the Service is availed by you:

  • The precise features of the Service may vary
  • The count of Billers accessible over the Service can vary
  • The type & range of Payment Accounts that can be utilized to issue a Payment Instructions can vary
  • The modes/devices over which the Service can be retrieved can vary
  • The charges, fees for using the Service or any feature of the Service can vary from time to time

Specific details connected to these aspects would be accessible with the Meeseva App business partner or the network over which the Service has being availed.

The payment update on Meeseva App may take 1-2 business days, so we kindly request you to check the payment from Meeseva App after the completion of 2 business days.

Bill payments

While registering with us and using our service for paying your bills, provide true, current and complete appropriate data about yourself. All your payment account details and biller details should be legal and precise.

Ticket bookings

Though we are single gateway to cater booking services for buses, movies, trains, flights, checking holiday packages and others, we do not operate all the services by our self. In order to provide the comprehensive services we are tied up with various government and private agencies.

Partner with us

We welcome various businesses as well as retailers to partner with us. However, we are not liable to any of the offers or deals specified by them on the site.

Hope you read and understand all the terms and conditions prior to using this app.

Don’t delay! Just install Meeseva App and use it